Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sounds Of Love - Myriam Zadeck / J.D. Cadinot French Porn-Sound

They made some awesome music for these awesome gay porn flicks from the 80's; simple keyboard/synth, occasionally with undecipherable lyrics in some language you can't really tell, one track sounds like Klaus Schulze Audentity-era.
I know this isn't free jazz-related, but I had previously posted this on another blog that some asshole deleted cuz I made the mistake of giving him admin rights. But I know some folks were very happy to grab it from that old blog, as this music is available NOWHERE else -- unless you watch like 5 old gay pornos.. for the music.
Aand I just realized there's a few tracks missing but I already typed all this up, so here's the slight collection as is now; I'll add the remaining tracks when I find the orig tape, enjoy!


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