Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sounds Of Love - Myriam Zadeck / J.D. Cadinot French Porn-Sound

They made some awesome music for these awesome gay porn flicks from the 80's; simple keyboard/synth, occasionally with undecipherable lyrics in some language you can't really tell, one track sounds like Klaus Schulze Audentity-era.
I know this isn't free jazz-related, but I had previously posted this on another blog that some asshole deleted cuz I made the mistake of giving him admin rights. But I know some folks were very happy to grab it from that old blog, as this music is available NOWHERE else -- unless you watch like 5 old gay pornos.. for the music.
Aand I just realized there's a few tracks missing but I already typed all this up, so here's the slight collection as is now; I'll add the remaining tracks when I find the orig tape, enjoy!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

FurTyler - Bill Dixon the absolute sickest brass in free jazz

Just 2 weeks ago I listened to this album and had to find everything else he'd ever done. Must be heard, these both:

Intents and Purposes -- early; 1966, sounds sorta like a spookier JCOA
Berlin Abbozzi From 2000 -- sparse, echo'd brass and solemn bass backup, with the inimitable Tony Oxley on perc; 3 long latenight style jams, wonderful.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sawed in half | February papers

Apologies as social events caused a pause in the action here; I'll start making up for it with a post of 2 albums from far apart places.

The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra - Saw (1988)
Music for Instruments and Machines

Dror Feiler,tenor sax, b flat clarinet, contrabass clarinet, grinding machine
Mats Gustafsson, tenor sax, drilling machine
Sören Runolf, electric violoncello, synthesizer
Raimond Strid, drums, percussion, circle saw machine
Petter Hellsing, planing machine
I swear, it's as if Smell & Quim wanted to make a free jazz album. Even look at the cover art; perhaps these guys had listened to Jissom Killers before jamming. But it's an awesome industrial (in the neubauten way) -sounding improv album.

And from Smell & Quim to Robert Ashley's "Automatic Writing" -- that's what this album reminds me of. It slid behind my attention and became a subliminal listening experience without me realizing.

Tony Oxley's become a recent favorite of mine; I'm sure you'll dig this grand hypno-tiser. FEBRUARYPAPERS

Welcome back; and Tyler will start posting here too ---------------